Looking for high quality and easy to maintain landscaping? At Green Quest Lawn & Landscaping Inc., our landscaping services are quite diverse ranging from basic maintenance to outdoor lighting and drainage, depending on your need. Perhaps you finished a recent construction project that destroyed the grass and landscaping on your property. Our team can assist you in growing a lush and healthy lawn again through our sod preparation and installation services. Contact us at (757) 503-0756 to start improving your landscaping.

Complete List of Landscaping Services

Re-grade lawns/yards

Preparation for sod

Sod installation

Outdoor Lighting:

Walkway Lighting

Patio Lighting

Deck Lighting

Home Exterior Lighting

Landscape Design and Installation

The process begins with an initial consultation when we will sit down with you to determine which of our services plans will best fit your needs. Upon completing the decided upon service, we will make a final visit to make any adjustments necessary.

This process may involve creating beds and installing plants/shrubs

Drainage assistance:


French Drains




Weed Control


Landscaping Solutions Hampton Virginia

Let’s Talk About Your Landscaping.

Whatever your need, Green Quest will provide you with a hassle-free and professional landscaping experience. We will be transparent and upfront about pricing and check in with you frequently to make sure we are satisfying your expectations. If you’re looking for a landscaping company you can trust to get the job down right and in a timely fashion, contact us at (757) 503-0756 today. Located in Hampton, VA, we serve the counties of York and James City. In addition to landscaping, we also provide lawn care, hardscaping, irrigation, and snow removal services.