Specializing in both residential and commercial irrigation services, Green Quest Lawn & Landscaping Inc. will work with you to design a sprinkler specific to your needs. Contact us at (757) 503-0756 to request service.

Irrigation Service Plans

We offer three different irrigation plans based on an 8 zone residential system.
*Pricing is subject to change based on the number of zones.


Provides a system start up at the start of the warmer months. The system is checked for possible leaks or damaged heads.

This includes an extended parts warranty.

This plan provides a system shut down prior to November 15th. This winterization process protects the pipes from cracking. If freeze damage still occurs, we cover the repair cost.

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Bronze Plan, plus:

A full system walk through during the spring start up to make any necessary adjustments to heads, controller, programming and rain sensor to ensure all components are working at peak efficiency.

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Bronze & Silver Plans, plus:

You choose the start up and shut down days you prefer.

2.5 hours of additional service work that can be used throughout the year or rolled over to next year.

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Installation & Ongoing Maintenance

Our team designs the most effective plan for your irrigation system before we ever begin installation. Upon completion of the sprinkler system install, we are also dedicated to its care and upkeep to ensure it continues to be as effective as possible. Our services include:

  • System design that best serves your property needs
  • Expert installation
  • Winterization of irrigation systems in the fall
  • Activation of irrigation systems in the spring
  • Maintenance, service, and repairs

Contact us today at (757) 503-0756 and we can help you decide which irrigation plan would be the best fit for you and your needs. Located in Hampton, VA, Green Quest serves the counties of York and James City. In addition to sprinkler systems, we also provide landscaping, hardscaping, lawn care, and snow removal services.